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November 13th Construction Update

Construction is in full swing with the cooperating weather! Phase 3 topsoil will continue throughout the rest of today and finish up on Tuesday. Once the topsoil is placed in the disturbed areas, Phase 3 will be considered substantially complete. The contractor plans to reset the mailboxes once all of the topsoil is in place.

Asphalt in Phase 5 was complete last week November 10th. The contractor believes that Phase 5 will be substantially complete by the end of next week. The concrete crew will be in Phase 5 forming up sidewalk, driveways, and approaches throughout the next week and a half. Once all of the concrete is in place, the contractor will place topsoil throughout the disturbed areas in Phase 5.

Winter is right around the corner, construction progress will come to a halt for the remainder of the year following the completion of Phases 3 and 5. If you have any questions regarding this project please do not hesitate to call Josh at (605)-759-6158.

Asphalt on Cedar Street in Phase 5

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